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With priced dropped on a wide variety of lights and lighting accessories we're sure you're find an illuminating deal (get it?). Using the right type of light, whether than be fitted lighting or spotlights can transform the mood of a room. Once you have the type decided placement is also key so consider that too...don't take too long pondering mind you otherwise you'll never get anything done and may miss out on the latest lighting discount codes! Check out the lighting products below, reduced to clear sale items catering to both modern and traditional tastes.

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Lighting Buying Guide

Quick Tip

For a combination of ambient up-light and focused task lighting, opt for a "Father and child" floor lamp - these stylish free-standing up-lighters feature a separate directional spotlight, ideal for reading when required.
Plan kitchen and bathroom schemes carefully to create a combination of bright task lighting and softer atmospheric light. Fluorescent or halogen lighting is ideal for tasks, providing high levels of illumination, while fixtures with diffusers (shades or glass covers) are best to avoid glare

Ceiling Lights

What are the main types?

Pendant fixtures - the sleek design is great for contemporary schemes and works particularly well above a dining table to provide focused light. You can save with discount codes and normally choose from clear or frosted glass, ceramic, chrome or metal designs.

Chandeliers - a great focal point for the living room, bedroom or hallway, chandeliers suit larger rooms and are the perfect way to make a dramatic style statement and create a period feel.


Spotlights are ideal for task and accent lighting as they can be angled to where the light is needed, plus you may be able to get a discount with promotional codes. Plates and bars featuring a cluster of spotlights have the advantage of using a single fitting to hold a number of light sources.For versatility, choose adjustable flexible bar designs, useful in a kitchen where light needs to be focused on worktops, or long narrow spaces such as hallways.

Flush Lights

Flush lights are ideal for providing ambient lighting in rooms with low ceilings or where height is a problem. Normally available in a range of traditional or modern designs in clear or frosted glass with chrome, brushed chrome and antique-effect trims, with money saving opportunities if you use vouchers.

Recessed Lights

Generally unobtrusive, recessed lighting is a popular and affordable option (especially using vouchercodes) and can be placed wherever you need light most. Adjustable, rotating 'eye-ball style' fittings give greater flexibility. Ideal for shining light onto kitchen worktops or providing mellow light that won't cast glare or reflection on the screen.


Uplighters direct the light source onto the ceiling, creating a soft mellow effect and intimate atmosphere. Floor-standing uplighters bounce light across a wall, preventing glare and creating shadow effects and atmospheric patterns of light. Purchase uplighters using a code if one is active.

Wall Lights

A versatile lighting option, wall lights provide soft light and add variety to a lighting scheme. Use in addition to a central ceiling light and combine discount codes or independently source vouchers to create a mellow atmosphere whilst saving money utilising an ongoing promotion. Wall lights are attractive fittings in their own right, use for decorative effect in alcoves or chimney breasts or use to highlight features in a room such as paintings.

Desk Lamps

Excellent for task lighting, desk lamps are a great choice for the home office where it is essential to create a well-lit area. Reduce cost with a promocode as well as glare around your computer screen, and avoid eye-strain by positioning an adjustable desk lamp so that it allows documents and the computer keyboard and screen to be easily read, without pointing the bulb directly at your eyes or the screen. Look for sturdy lamps featuring desk clamps or a weighted base. Right-angle arms allow greater movement for effective positioning.

Accent Lights

Choose lamps with flexible arms for task lighting. Decorative designs make excellent accent lights, dotted at key areas around the room to provide pools of light. For a complementary lighting scheme, look for our co-ordinated ranges in store, featuring table lamps and floor lamps, ceiling lights, and wall lights in the matching styles. If planning to use a number of lamps in a room, ensure there is an adequate supply of sockets available and try and find a mix and max discount promo code or voucher.

Children's Lights

Safety is the main consideration when choosing lighting for a child's room. Children's table lamps should be fitted with low voltage, low energy bulbs. These lights consume very little power, always staying cool and never getting hot, making them perfectly safe for use in a child's bedroom. Convetionally you can choose table lamps from a range of designs featuring bright colours, cartoon characters, hearts and stars. Co-ordinate with a matching ceiling light to complete the look. Wall lights shaped as footballs, or hearts provide ambient lighting and make a great addition to the room and codes could be available. Older children will benefit from task lighting for reading and homework. Desk lamps are the ideal choice, providing focused light and helping to prevent eye-strain.

Light Bulbs Buying Guide

Quick Tip

Before you buy bulbs for a light fittings read the packaging first as many now come complete with bulbs, so you can save some money buy not buying a surplus.

Tungsten Lamps

Sometimes known as incandescent lights, these are the ordinary, everyday light bulbs that come with screw or bayonet caps but you can pick up extraordinary saving if you use a discount code. These bulbs contain argon gas and a very fine tungsten filament that in an ordinary 60w bulb is over six feet long and breaks easily if the bulb is shaken or dropped. The electricity passes through the filament and as it heats up and glows it reaches a temperature of over 2000 degrees centigrade which is why you should never touch a lit light bulb! Tungsten bulbs come in many different sizes, shapes, wattages and colours and finishes.

Halogen Lights

These bulbs have a tungsten filament but are filled with a mixture of argon and halogen gas and are made out of more expensive higher-grade glass that can tolerant the extra high temperatures that they reach. Although more expensive initially, they can last up to three times longer than a standard light bulb of the same wattage and can be 20% more efficient. Due to the initial cost, try and save money with a promotional code. Halogen bulbs come in mains voltage (240 volt) and low voltage (12 volt) versions. These need a transformer but are 35% more efficient. Halogen bulbs come in many different sizes, shapes, wattages and colours and produce a very attractive bright light which closely resembles sunlight. Before you buy always check the style of pin your bulb has, as halogen bulbs come with a variety of different shaped pins and fittings.

Fluorescent Tubes

These slim glass tubes have an electrode at either end and are filled with mercury vapour. When the light is switched on particles inside the tube glow or fluoresce producing bright white light ideal for use in kitchens. Fluorescent bulbs are four to six times more efficient than a normal light bulb because they heat up less when lit. You can make you money go longer too if you use a voucher on the initial purchase. Fluorescent tubes come in many different sizes, specialist shapes, wattages and in cool or warm light versions.

Energy Saving Lamps

A unique design allows an electric current to be passed through the gas filled glass bulb which causes the coating inside to glow brightly. Because energy is used to generate light rather than heat they can be up to 80% cheaper to run, but a common complaint is that they do not light up instantaneously and the light is sometimes dimmer. Although more expensive, these bulbs save money in the long run especially in areas where the lights will be left on for long periods. Save even more money of you us a voucher at the point of sale. Temperatures below zero can adversely affect the bulbs performance so steer clear of using them in the colder parts of your home.

Know your wattage
Energy saver = Standard

  • 9w = 40w
  • 11 & 12w = 60w
  • 18 & 20w = 100w

Bayonet or Screw Fittings

The type of light you have will dictate the style and size of light bulb you require. There are a number of different fittings: Bayonet cap (BC), Small Bayonet cap (SBC), Edison screw (ES or E27) and Small Edison Screw (SES or E14). Bayonet lamps are fitted by pushing into place and turning to secure, whilst screw fittings are simply screwed into place. With either, try and purchase using a promotional code.

Table Lamps & Desk Lamps Buying Guide

Quick Tip

Beat the burglars when you're away at work by using a table lamp with a timer plug. The timer turns on the lamp at preset times so it looks like you're at home.

It may seem obvious but... when buying a lamp always check the flex is long enough to reach the socket!

Different styles of lamps obviously give you light for different activities but they can all help set the right mood for your room.

Table Lamps

Want to create atmosphere or need focused light for specific activities? Table lamps are brilliant for both. From living rooms to bedrooms and hallways, they generate subtle, glowing pools of light in just the right areas. Quite simply they add welcome warmth and depth to any room, even better is you personally snap one up with a discount code.

It's easy to check if a lamp's right for a table. Simply sit next to the lamp, and the bottom of the shade should be no higher than your eye level. Any lamps you place between chairs should have thin or transparent bases. That way, lines of sight aren't blocked and your conversation can flow freely. And you might want to know...

  • Desk lamps come in a variety of fashionable styles, finishes and colours.
  • Lamp shades and bases can be purchased separately so you can mix and match.
  • Create a co-ordinated lighting scheme with exploring available ranges of matching table and floor lamps, ceiling lights and wall lights.

Desk Lamps

Helping you stay focused, desk lamps are the perfect choice for your home office if you can find a great promotional code or deal. Here's how to make the best of them.

  • Get the position just right. Place your desk lamp so it gives you enough light to read documents and see your keyboard, but without directing the light at your eyes or computer screen. That'll reduce glare around the screen and prevent eye strain.
  • Look for sturdy lamps with desk clamps or a weighted base. Right-angle arms allow greater movement for effective positioning.
  • Using a desk lamp for fine work such as drawing or sewing? Fit it with a daylight bulb. This type of bulb replicates noon light and produces excellent and accurate colour rendering and contrast.

Floor Lamps Buying Guide

Floor Lamps

Like table lamps, floor lamps are both functional and mood-setting, and especially good for studies, living rooms and halls. Use our discount codes and buy floor lamps to create areas of light and shade that add interest and warmth to a space. See some food for thought below:

  • There are loads of floor lamp designs to choose from and they're often made to partner table lamps.
  • You can mix and match bases and shades but floor lamps are generally sold complete.
  • Why not try father and child lamps? With these an uplighter shoots light onto the ceiling, which bounces off to create a soft glow.
  • Add a second directional light to give you focus for reading. Very smart. Some feature useful dimmer switches and easy-reach pull on/off cords to save you getting up.
  • For a cool, contemporary vibe, cylinder and column-style lamps with paper or fabric shades really shape up. And you'll appreciate the ambient light they generate.