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Voucher and Deal Probability - June 2019

Homebase vouchercodes and money saving discounts on the popular promotions (though not all may currently be live) can be found free of charge here at HomeVoucherCodes. Homebase discount codes and promotions come and go, so we hope you don't miss out on DIY products at reduced prices!

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Please note this site is no longer regularly updated so the below may be outdated, as may vouchers and deals listed.

More information about Homebase

Homebase are among the leading home improvement and garden retailers in U.K, with more than 300 large stores serving over 60 million customers a year with latest deals and offers shown on their website. Homebase discounts for the over 60's are ongoing and which can be viewed here. Homebase was part of the Home Retail Group ( and had sister companies Argos and Habitat) and pride themselves on offering high levels of choice via the services they offer across all devices – mobile website, apps, and desktop site- as well as instore also. They serve millions of customers every week and offer over 50,000 great value products, many of which have excellent promotional activities at specific times of the year to cater to home improvement and DIY projects. Homebase employs thousands of people nationwide, and their 'home and garden’ wares generate around billions annually. If you’ve got home improvement in mind, visiting the using one of our codes could serve you well. Homebase products are segmented by category for easy navigation and include:
  • Garden
  • Decorating
  • DIY
  • Homeware
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Loft

Homebase Over 60 Discount

Hooray! Who doesn't love money off their shop and with this Homebase Over 60 Discount get an extra £10 off on top of exiting deals and offers. This special offer for those likely to be a little greyer in hair but wisher in years is proving a favourite for silver surfers and understandable so! Currently this Homebase Over 60 Discount results in an extra £10 saving on your shop, so at last you can finish off that DIY job! Simply Click here to learn more about this special offer; get saving today!

Homebase Pensioner Discount 2019

Enjoy an extra £10 off your next shop with this Homebase pensioners discount. This special offer with those a little longer in the tooth in mind is proving very popular and for good reason too! Right now this Homebase pensioners discount 2019 guarantees an extra £10 saving on your shop, so you can finally get started on that lingering DIY job! Simply Click here to view this special offer; get saving today!

Homebase OAP Discount 2019

On top of ongoing 2019 promotions at Homebase, OAP's can enjoy an extra £10 off their next shop today. This special offer senior citizen free gift card discount guarantees ten pounds off your next shop when you pop into a store, meaning you no longer have to put that DIY job off! It's super simple to get this additional saving, you can either Click here or scroll to the top of the page where you'll see the Homebase OAP Discount 2019 deal. This £10 gift card giveaway sure to delight all savvy silver surfers as it's the closet thing to free money!

Homebase Plus Card For Over 60s

After Homebase was purchased by Wesfarmers there were changes made to the Homebase plus card. That being said silver surfers can still secure a discount if they're savvy enough! Senior citizens can delight in the knowledge that with this ongoing promotion you can receive an extra £10 off your next shop, dubbed the new Homebase plus card for over 60s. This special offer is proving very popular with savvy silver surfers, understandably so! Right now this gift card behaves as a type of Homebase plus card over for the over 60s as it guarantees an additional ten pounds money off your shop. At last you can complete that DIY task you've had in mind for ages!

Homebase Discounts For Over 60s

Your luck must be in today as with the Homebase Discount for Over 60s you'll get £10 off your next shop. This special offer is applicable on top of any existing promotions and deals so you don't need to worry about being in an either/or situation. This brilliant deal has those in mind who know that the grass isn't always greener on the other side and know that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush! Presently this Homebase Discount for Over 60s deal sees provides an opportunity to senior citizens to get an extra ten pounds discount on their Homebase shopping basket. At least you can complete that DIY job you've been meaning to for the longest time! Simply click here and you'll see just how you can secure this money off special deal!

Homebase OAP Discount Card

Save an additional £10 in your next shop with this Homebase OAP Discount card. This special offer has those in mind who have been on this Earth long enough to know not to look a gift horse in the mouth! Right now this Homebase OAP Discount Card, or Homebase gift card as it more succinctly can be called, ensures a saving of ten pounds so it's time to start that DIY job at last! Simply Click here to view this special OAP offer!

Homebase Discount Card

Get this new Homebase Discount card and save an extra £10 on your shop, any day of the week. This special offer is available to those shrewd enough to know a great deal well they see it. Right now this Homebase Discount Card, or gift card to be more accurate, secures a ten pound saving so it's finally the right time to cross that DIY job off of your to-do list! Simply click here to view this special discount offer!

Homebase Discount Over 60s

Today may be your lucky day. Get an extra £10 off your next shop with this Homebase Discount Over 60s special offer, on top of any other deals and promotions that are ongoing. This fantastic offer for those who perhaps don't move quite as swiftly as they once did is proving a top pick for wise heads. At the moment this Homebase Discount Over 60s deal sees successful claimants secure an additional ten pounds discount on their Homebase shopping basket; finally you can put a big tick next to that DIY task and make it as done! Simply click here to be taken to the special offer and get money off today!

Homebase 10 Off For Pensioners

If you're an OAP you can make the most of a fantastic offer live now. The Homebase 10 Off For Pensioners offer saves an extra £10 on your next shop, reducing your basket value cost by ten pounds. This special offer can be used in conjunction with any other promos that are ongoing, so you don't need to worry about whether it is an either/or situation. This brilliant pensioners offer for savvy silver surfers is a real no thinker akin to free money depending on your perspective! Finally you're going to be able to pat yourself on the back for a job well done having finally put a line through that lingering DIY job! To learn more about the Homebase 10 Off For Pensioners offer simply click here and you'll be able to secure yourself that money off!

Can I save money at Homebase?

Homebase strive to provide consumers great deals on products, as they're aware that hefty price tags can put people off DIY! It's always prudent to check out what promotional codes or discounts are on offer, so you don't pay more when you could save money by using an available code. HomeVoucherCodes specialises in Home and Garden codes and seek out the latest available; some popular promo vouchercodes Homebase use are:
  • 15% off everything
  • 2 for £30 on Dulux
  • 60% off all Kitchens
  • Up to 50% off Selected products (including BBQs)

To receive the latest offers and deals, opt-in to our HomeVoucherCodes newsletter. Remember, if you like a product from Homebase but can't find a deal make sure to check out what our similar stores have on offer too, as they may have vouchers that save you even more money. We pride ourselves on having a great selection of special offers and promotional codes available for you to use to get discounts. These are located at the top of this page for ease of viewing. If you have in mind refurbishing your bedroom or doing over the kitchen we could have the perfect promo code for you! Improvements to home and garden can be costly even if you're a pro at DIY as cheap quality materials are hard to find! We try and help you save all you can by providing the latest working discount codes at HomeVoucherCodes.

Redeem your Homebase Voucher

Yes! I have the Homebase discount code, what next?

  1. Go to, where trending promotional deals show.
  2. Search for an item(s) by keyword or browse category, and add to basket those you’d like to buy.
  3. Continue shopping, view suggested products or go to checkout.
  4. At check-out, select home delivery or collection and make adjustments to quantity if required before clicking "checkout".
  5. Login to your existing Homebase account or create new account to proceed. Review delivery details of the deal. Delivery is "free" if you opt to collect.
  6. Copy and paste your voucher code into the promo box labelled "Discount code".
  7. The promotional code will be activated and your discount will be applied to your Homebase deal!

Can I see Homebase deals on my phone or tablet?

Homebase have useful apps to provide the latest available up to date discounts and promos. They provide users with a convenient way to shop with the latest deals at your fingertips, as well as video content and the option to find your nearest store. You can also browse their entire product collection and order for home delivery or reserve and collect. On top of this, Homebase has another handy app for the consumer called PlantMatch. Designed for gardeners of all expertise levels, it allows you to find, scan and browse plant ideas to see new collections and offers. If inspiration hits, you can save plants and get them delivered to your home. Advice is available to keep your plants happy and healthy, and your garden looking fantastic 365 days of the year!

Of course you must remember to check HomeVoucherCodes for all the most recent voucher codes to ensure you're getting the best price you can. Money-saving offers are plentiful for Home, Garden and DIY for the thrifty shopper. So help yourself and redeem our codes and deals at the check-out to save money. We're a free site and always will be, here to provide you with all the latest available codes!

Can I get exclusive Homebase deals?

The Homebase card has no annual fee or deposit to pay and you are provided with buy now pay later deals, meaning you can spread the cost of purchase. It can be used both online and in-store. For the latest representative APR and buy now pay later deals contact Homebase on 0845 640 0711 or failing that ask in store for more details. A selection of deals Homebase have had available are shown below, but please check with Homebase for current offerings. If your application is successful this can see you attain exclusive discount vouchers as well as special discounts and offers.

Pay up to 56 days later - when you spend up to £195
Pay 3 months later - when you spend £195 or more
Pay 6 months later - when you spend £500 or more

What's on offer at Homebase?

Homebase provide ample information online to advise and inspire, with a great range of resources available. They offer ideas on garden, decorating, lighting, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen as summarised below:Garden ideas for 2019 - Trends to create the perfect place to relax in the Summer to save you time looking for the best garden furniture.
Decorating ideas for 2019- Discover the latest deals on painting and see what matching colours are available now.
Lighting ideas for 2019 - Great ways to brighten up your home with lighting offers. Here's a light-bulb moment, save money by using the deals and discounts from HomeVoucherCodes!
Living room ideas for 2019 - Latest online collections to create you dream living room.
Dining room ideas for 2019 - Make your space one to be proud of. Online ideas offer you the chance to to create the perfect family environment.
Bedroom ideas for 2019 - What's trending now? Find the latest offerings online at Homebase.
Bathroom ideas for 2019 - Refresh you look with great deals on bathrooms. Check out these collections.
Kitchen ideas for 2019 - Every home needs a fantastic kitchen. Homebase offer online a choice of stylish kitchen designs.

What's the deal with my code, get it working!

Where is my voucher? When you find and click on a discount code to save you money, a separate tab will open showing the relevant Homebase content for that particular voucher code. For example if it was to give you money off a particular product, the relevant content would be that Homebase promotional product page. In the place of the discount code information on the HomeVoucherCodes site you will see the code to be entered at the checkout. If instead you clicked on a deal or sale offer this may not require a code. However to make your online shopping experience the best possible we'll still direct you to the relevant Homebase promotional page.

Where do I enter my code? During the check out stage there is an input box for you to enter your voucher code. You can either type in the code or copy and paste the voucher into the 'enter discount code’ box before proceeding. More detailed steps can be found in our how to redeem a Homebase voucher guide..

My code isn't working, why? If you've followed the steps to redeem your discount and the code isn't working, you might have selected an expired voucher. Please check the date on the vouchercode and if it's not the latest on offer check out the active deals on the page to see if another code is available for what you're trying to save money on.

Homebase Discounts for Over 60s

Homebase plus card? Shortly after Homebase was sold to Westfarmers certain promotions which were running became defunct and are no longer in existence. There is in effect a new Homebase plus card in the form of free £10 discount card giveaway.

Homebase senior citizen discount? There is an ongoing promotion of £10 off your next shop for senior citizens with the free £10 Homebase voucher. This special offer acts as the OAP Homebase discount card so if you're a looking for a pensioners discount at Homebase look no further, this ongoing offer of an extra £10 off your next shop is on now. Such promotions are particular popular with pensioners who have proven to have a keen eye for discounts. Indeed there is a strong argument to be made that out of all the most common age demographics those that would be placed in the older bracket are among the most savvy. Whether this is due to a greater appreciation of the value of money that some of those younger in years is debatable. However securing if you've over 60 keeping an sharp eye out for Homebase discounts, such as the ongoing £10 off everything discount card which you can get today, is always prudent.

Free Homebase Delivery, is it possible?

Homebase free delivery does exist, but only on their wallpaper samples. Their standard delivery is from £3.95 but this may increase on orders containing numerous products. For example, if you've taken advantage of their latest offers on a number of products and the item falls under the Homebase 'requires two people to deliver' category it can go to £8.95. Next day delivery is also available at Homebase but you'll need to check-out individual product information pages for the latest delivery lead times. To avoid delivery costs all together you can use the online check and reserve option. This service is free to use. After 12pm from store collection is the norm, but this for some Homebase stores only available after 5pm. Latest and most recent availability of services is shown during the Homebase checkout process. More information can be found in the delivery section delivery section at, including how to get the Homebase free delivery mentioned.

How to contact Homebase directly or via social media

Homebase have separate email addresses covering the departments of:
  • Furniture products
  • Homeware, DIY or garden
  • Fitted bedroom and bathroom
  • Kitchen products
  • For anything else including smaller products
To stand the best chance of a speedy resolution try and include the order number, product number, your full name, address and the best contact details to reach you on. If you'd prefer not to use email or phone or you simply want to view additional content, Homebase are active on a number social media platforms.