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Voucher and Deal Probability - April 2019

There is a plethora of discounted garden products available now to help you transform your garden or maintain it. Keeping your garden in tip top condition using voucher codes on lawnmowers or power tools no longer means spending a fortune, you can grab yourself some great bargains! Once that jobs done you can check out cheap but stylish outdoor furniture or plants to get the ambience of your garden just the way you want it, all at discount prices!

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Shop online for great garden deals at HomeVoucherCodes and save on those products you need to give your garden some tender loving care. Whether you are looking for planters that look great all year round, seeds to grow into something beautiful, already in full bloom or simply some garden 'must haves' to maintain your existing outdoor space we have all the garden essentials you need.

There are deals to be had on a great selection of seeds and plants, as well as a wide range of pots and ornaments to give the finishing look to your garden terrace. Gardening need not be a chore, use the right tools to make the experience an enjoyable one and maximise your space. If you have room you can put up a gazebos or if you have overflow of goods a shed is a fantastic storage space, keeping all your diy tools dry . For those lovely sunny days a up-to-date BBQ could do the trick, when you can relax, socialise and eat outside in the sun taking advantage of some cool looking pieces of garden furniture.

No matter the size of the project, whether you are planning to build decking for your terrace or putting plants in your hanging baskets, we can help find you the best deal. Don't struggle on mowing the lawn with that broken down mower, update today and get to trimming that hedge while you're at it!

It is true that a number of things in the garden area are better done carefully, gradually and more manually, without question a number of tasks will require somewhat more power, quality and speed and that is where these great deals on garden power tools come into play. Enabling you to maintain your garden just how you like it in a time efficient manner. You can mow the lawn, level off those borders and treat your hedges without it taking hours of your time. There should be a garden power product here for you at HomeVoucerCodes solving your garden machinery needs and you can be certain that you're getting an incredible item at a fantastic price.

With a specific end goal to keep your garden, hedges and open spaces looking amazing, it's essential to keep them consistently tidy. By continuing to stay on top of your garden area, you can minimise the chances of big overhauls. Albeit this type of maintenance can be a difficult task, by utilizing offers found here at HomeVoucherCodes of garden power products, such as hedge trimmers, regularly you can spare yourself a considerable amount of energy. Of all the power tools, lawnmowers are the firm favourite at they're the not difficult to operate and allow you to spruce up the garden in a timely manner.

Grass trimmers, cutting tools, rotivators and utilising other garden power products means its now as simple as its ever been to have a garden you can be proud of no matter what the month.

No need for a messy looking garden with HomeVoucherCodes deals and offers. Check out our broad array of promotional deals on shredders, blowers & vacuums to keep your outside space looking neat and tidy. No need to be embarrassed about what the neighbours think! These garden tools mean the task of tidying needn't be strenuous as you clear away leaves that have so rudely landed on your lawn.

With various options including - mulching, blowing and vacuuming - available at the touch of a button within our extensive deal collection you'll find something to best suit your needs at a price fitting your budget. Clear the garden of unwanted debris with powerful garden tools. Shred through a range of flotsam and jetsam including grass, leaves and branches.

We want your lawn to be glorious here at HomeVoucherCodes. No need for weed if you use the right tools such as a scarifier. If you want things to be level use a lawn roller and keep things looking great and grab a bargain from one of the ongoing lawnmower deals available this month.

Make your garden great with a some assistance from use here at HomeVoucherCodes. Before you know it your efforts will grant you the weed and debris free garden you have always dreamed of and being the savvy shopper that you are, you'd have purchased all your garden essentials using fantastic money saving deals.

Pressure Washer Buying Guide

Why would I want a pressure washer

A pressure washer makes light work of major cleaning jobs, saving hours of time not to mention hard physical work. Essentially, a pressure washer provides a powerful jet of water which when blasted at a dirty surface will lift the accumulated dirt and grime in one simple swoosh. Extremely versatile, pressure washers can purchased using discount codes and used to clean a wide range of objects and surfaces.

Pressure cleaning is a quick and easy method of cleaning a wide range of outdoor items including garden furniture, patios and paths, wooden garden decks, cars, boats, and much more. Having been used in industry and commerce for years, pressure washers are now popular in the domestic domain and are becoming even more popular as life gets busier and time becomes more precious. To make life even easier, a range of optional attachments which fit to the hose end are also available. Specifically designed to tackle a range of jobs such as cleaning stonework, rusty iron railings and drain cleaning, the list is endless!

How do pressure washers work?

A pressure washer works from either the mains water supply or from a water tank or water butt. Simply attach the pressure washer to your water supply using an outdoor garden hose and attachment and then plug it into an electrical socket. The powerful electric motor will drive the water through the machine into the pressure washer hose and provide a powerful pressure jet of water which, when directed by a special hose end or nozzle will remove all the dirt and debris quickly and effectively. Choose from a variety of nozzles like a dirtblaster with its rotating pencil jet providing up to 50% more cleaning power, or a vario lance which can be regulated for gentle to high pressure for all sorts of surfaces.

Once you have set up your pressure washer, and connected it to a water supply and mains electricity, you will need to adjust the water pressure according to the type of job you're tackling. Water pressure is measured in bars. For example if you're carrying out a light duty task such as cleaning garden furniture, then adjust your machine to a minimum pressure of 100 bar. Cleaning your car would probably require between 100 bar and 110 bar pressure, and for a really heavy duty job such as cleaning old brickwork or a driveway, you would probably require between 110 bar and 120 bar pressure to do the job quickly and effectively. It's easy to adjust your machine to the correct pressure and it's always worth testing a small area first to make sure you've set the machine correctly because too high pressure could cause surface damage.

To maximise efficiency and help you get the most out of your machine, choose from a number of detachable accessories, which are designed for specific cleaning jobs such as car washing or drain cleaning. See the 'Accessories' section of this guide above.

Which model is right for me?

It is always good advice to buy the best pressure washer you can afford. Consider all the jobs you might tackle and try to think of others that are less obvious. If you under estimate how you could use your new pressure washer, you'll soon be wishing you'd bought a more powerful model.

Here is a simple checklist of some of the things you need to consider:

  • Different jobs demand different water pressure so for optimum results choose a machine that will allow you to regulate the pressure depending on the level of cleaning power required. As a guide, lightweight jobs, such as cleaning garden furniture would require 100 bar, whilst a heavy duty job like cleaning a driveway would need 120 bar or higher.
  • Water flow is as important as water pressure so choose a machine that provides generous water flow - the average flow is 400 litres per hour.
  • Are you likely to be working far from a mains power or water supply? If so consider the length of the hose and cable provided with your machine and choose a machine with long leads.
  • Machines, especially the high powered ones, are heavy to move so choose a model with wheels and a push/pull handle.
  • Upright models are convenient when storage space is at a minimum.
  • Keep cables and hoses safe, clean and tidy by choosing a machine with in-built storage.
  • An auto stop/start will reduce wear on the motor and therefore lengthen the life of your machine.
  • Some machines are supplied with a VARIO lance. This provides variable high to low pressure at a constant water flow, plus low pressure when you're using detergent.
  • Make sure your machine is compatible with a range of accessories to provide a wider range of optional uses.

Water pressure

Water supply

Mains water pressure

Mains water pressure, even in areas where it is low, is not usually a problem because pressure washers are so efficient.

Water pressure and water flow

The pressure jet of water created by your machine provides the cleaning action. The water flow is the volume of water through the machine, which in effect rinses. Pressure washers come with a good all-round balance of pressure versus flow to clean almost anything effectively.

Here is a guide to the settings you should use on your machine to tackle a wide range of jobs, from very lightweight to the more heavy duty jobs such as cleaning old brickwork.

Light pressure - 100 bar

  • Garden furniture and barbecues
  • Garden tools such as spades and forks
  • Garden compost bin
  • Kids outdoor toys
  • Bicycles

Medium pressure - 110 bar

  • Wooden fencing
  • Spa pools and swimming pools
  • Cars and trucks - (take care not to damage paintwork)
  • Boats
  • Guttering and outdoor paintwork

High pressure - 120 bar and above

  • Wooden decking
  • Patios and paths
  • Drives
  • Brick and stonework
  • Agricultural machinery

Using chemical cleaning agents

You can buy a wide range of proprietary cleaning products for use with your pressure washer. Choose a machine with a detergent bottle or tank (some of them are removable) - the right amount of detergent will be released as the water flow begins.

From an environmental point of view it's best to minimise the use of added cleaning agents but sometimes a cleaner is preferable. For example if the area needs to be disinfected, or algae and moss are a recurring problem and you need to inhibit re-growth.

Saving water

Quick and effective, a pressure washer uses a minimum amount of water compared to a garden hose pipe. If you have opted for metered water, this can only be good news for you! A pressure washer uses as little as 400 litres of water an hour and still provides 100 bar pressure. A standard hose pipe could use as much as 3,500 litres of water per hour but only provide 4 bar pressure. Therefore using a standard garden hose jet even at the highest pressure possible would be ineffective and very wasteful of water.


Brush attachments

Most pressure washers come with a basic lance. However if you have specific tasks to tackle you can choose from a range of additional attachments.

Cleaning agent

Always use a proprietary detergent which has been recommended by the manufacturer for use with pressure washers. Homebase sell a universal agent which is great for removing traffic film from cars, and stubborn dirt from windows and patios.

Extending hose

If you are working at a distance from the water supply tap, then a heavy duty professional hose is the answer. It will allow you to add length to your water supply hose and comes with all the required connectors to tap and pressure washer unit.

Basic safety

Always exercise common sense when using electrical equipment. Follow these simple rules to ensure safety at all times.

  • Wear goggles to protect your eyes. Bits of debris or detergent could splash back into them.
  • Wear protective footwear as the high pressure jet will hurt if it accidentally strays on to your feet.
  • Never fool around with a pressure washer or point the jet at another person or animal.
  • Make sure the hose is located so as to prevent anyone tripping over it.
  • Keep the pressure washer cables, connections and plug, free from damage.
  • Make sure the cable is routed to prevent damage, for example, stepped on or cut.
  • Keep the cable as dry as possible.
  • Check that the socket-outlet has RCD protection.
  • Read and understand the manufacturer's instructions before setting up and using your pressure washer.

Garden Trimmer Buying Guide

A garden trimmer is ideal for reaching into areas of the garden that a lawnmower just can't get to. Versatile and lightweight, a trimmer is perfect for keeping lawn edges and borders neat and tidy or trimming. Grass trimmers are also handy for cutting steep grassy banks, and trimming along the bottom of fences and walls or underneath hedges.

Here is a checklist of what you need to consider before you buy:

How does a grass trimmer work?

Garden trimmers have a line of nylon cord, which clips into the trimmer head and is spun at very high speed. As the cord spins it cuts through grass or other vegetation. Some models require you to change the cord when it wears out, or breaks by hitting a hard object such as a stone, but others have an integral cord spool which feeds through automatically as required and will only need replacing when the spool runs out.

Some models are fitted with a double cord, which provides higher performance for areas of the garden which are particularly overgrown.

Can the trimmer be purchased using vouchercodes or promotional offers to save money.

If you need a trimmer to keep your lawn edges looking perfect, choose a model with a rotating head. Then simply rotate to 180 degrees, which provides the right angle for the lawn edges. Not only will your lawn edges be the envy of the neighbourhood, but your back will benefit too because you won't have to kneel down to cut the edges by hand.

Cutting width

When choosing a trimmer, try to think of all the areas where you will use it and maybe some other less obvious areas. Do you have large wide open grassy spaces which are less manicured than the lawn, or do you want to clear a scrubby patch which has become overgrown with nettles and clumps of brambles? If so, go for a model with more power and a wide cutting swathe to get the job done effectively and quickly.

But if you have a well-manicured garden with only the occasional inaccessible area such as along borders, edges of paths, or underneath hedges and shrubs, then a trimmer with a smaller cutting swathe is the answer. Because trimmers with smaller cutting swathes tend to be lightweight, they are far more manoeuvrable, especially in tight spaces.

Cutting line

The way the cutting line or cord is attached to the machine and replaced when it wears out or breaks varies from model to model. With some all you need to do is replace the broken cord with a new one. Others include an integral spool, which either automatically feeds as required to give hours of continuous trimming, or bump feeds - when you need more line you tap the head of the machine on the ground and the cord automatically feeds through. When the spool runs out, all you do is replace it.

Twin cord models are slightly more powerful which is great when you're tackling thickly overgrown areas but can be more costly. Try and reduce your spend using discount codes.


Trimmers can be powered in one of three ways:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Petrol
  • Mains electricity

Rechargeable battery power - Advantages

  • No electric cord to cut through so safer than an electric (corded) trimmer
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Some brands use batteries which are interchangeable with other power tools of the same voltage within the same brand

Rechargeable battery power - Disadvantages

  • Average run time is short, approx 30-40 minutes
  • Two batteries are necessary for continuous power on bigger jobs
  • Need to plan ahead and remember to charge the batteries prior to use
  • Batteries need to be recharged for 5-7 hours to provide approx 30-40 minutes run time
  • Charger and/or batteries can get lost

Petrol Advantages

  • No electric cord to cut through so safer than an electric (corded) trimmer
  • Engines more powerful than electric or battery trimmers so great for overgrown areas
  • Can be used anywhere

Petrol Diasadvantages

  • Tend to be heavier and bulkier machines making them more difficult to handle
  • Not good for small, tight spaces because they are more difficult to handle
  • Need to store a supply of petrol to refill as required
  • Noisy and can be smoky

Mains electricity Advantages

  • Convenient

Mains electricity Disadvantages

  • Need a power source close by
  • Always the danger of cutting the cord by mistake - must use an RCD power breaker at all times

Height and handle adjustment

Choose a grass trimmer that is comfortable for you to use. This is especially important if you're going to be trimming large areas over a lengthy period of time as it can be back breaking work. Models with an extendable shaft allow the user to adjust the machine to suit their own height.

The smallest, lightest machines are reasonably easy to use single-handed over a short period of time. However if you intend to use your machine for long periods a second handle is a useful feature because it allows you to steady the machine. If possible, choose a model that allows you to adjust the second handle for even greater versatility. Some models come with an extension to support your wrist and make using your trimmer as comfortable as possible.

Hedge Trimmer Buying Guide

Our garden voucher codes will help you keep your garden looking neat and tidy. Be the king of your castle (and lawn!) but taking advantage of the great deals from all major retailers in the United Kingdom. Compare prices on garden products to make sure you pay the lowest price going.

You'll find our hedge trimmers offer pages jam packed full of deals and promotional offers online and ongoing now. There is a variety of choice in hedge trimmers, including cordless electric hedge trimmers, that are robust to face the tough challenges and make that task you've been putting off less arduous. If battery powered hedge trimmers are more you thing, we have deals on those too! Petrol hedge trimmers are not only powerful but surprise many by being easy to maneuver and maintain with superb power tool accessories. With promotional offers available to suit a big or little budget, check out our garden deals today.

We all know that some tasks aren't ever going to be our most favourite in the world. However if you pick the right tool you can maxmise your time and minimise the effort to keep your greenery looking just the way you like 365 days a year.

Hedge Trimmer Types

Rechargeable - This type of trimmer is best suited to those that like to go for the little and often approach to their garden, lasting 30 minutes after a full charge (normally charge is between 180-300 minutes).

Electric - Suited to those that wish to tend to their garden on a more occasional basis. If you have a large garden though make sure you have an extension lead and regardless of garden size a RCD power adapter is prudent should you cut through the cord during your endeavors to tidy the garden!

Petrol - If you have touch branches to cut through a petrol trimmer could be the one for you due to the power they possess; on the flip side they are often chunkier and weighty. If you've got a small garden the expense may not be worth it and perhaps it'd be better to check out other garden trimmer deals.

Things to consider

Blade size is pivotal and normally their is a direct correlation to the length of the blade and the time it takes to cut your hedge. Longer (57 centimeters or more) equals quicker and is advisable for gardens with large hedges. However why pay for extra blade length if it isn't needed? If you only wish to tend to bushes or shrubbery you may find that a smaller (46 centimeters) blade is more suited to your wants. If your hedges are somewhere in between then a medium sized blade (47-56 centimeters) should tick all the right boxes.
Make sure to compare prices on the product by clicking on our "compare" prices button. Never pay more than you have to!

Once you've sorted the length of the blade next thing to think about is the width of the tooth gap. If you're looking at cutting thick (around the 20 millimeter mark) branches or stems then go for a trimmer with a wider tooth gap around the same mark.

When purchasing a new hedge trimmer it'd be prudent to look at the special features they posses before you commit to buying. Some nifty features you might want your trimmer to include could be:
Hedge clipping collector - a conveniently places side based tray collects the falling clippings. Saves time on the tidy up.

Double position trimmers - the thought process here is usability. All things being well you'd not need a ladder for the top of the hedge and right angles are achievable.

Automatic brake - Safety first. This almost instantly stops the blades dead once you release the trigger mechanism.

Hand guard - For the even more safety conscious you can get trimmers with this special feature to protect your hands when using your hedge trimmer.

Hedge Trimmers How-To Guide

Step 1. Identify hedge type

Hedges generally fall into two categories: Informal hedge - these hedges tend to be larger in leaf and naturally grow outwards. Monteray Cypress, Darwin's Barberry and Forsythia would fall into this categories.

Formal hedge - Intended to be maintained likely in a particular shape and style. Buxus, Conifers, Taxus and Privets would be examples.

This is a hedge that is trimmed regularly, often in a square or wedge shape. Formal hedges are usually Privets, Conifers, Buxus or Taxus.

Step 2. Pick the right tool for the job

Manual shears - Available in fixed or adjustable handle lengths manual shears are for those with only smaller hedges to be trimmed, or small miscellaneous garden work.

Powered hedge trimmers - these trimmers are covered further down in our lawnmower buying guide so we won't repeat ourselves and bore you to death.

Step 3. Hedge Size

Small hedges - precision is key here to manual trimmers should suffice. These should be cheaper than power trimmers so make sure you snap up a bargain price.

Medium hedges - If the hedge is your waist height and upwards then you could consider this a medium sized hedge. With promo deals and vouchers available on power hedge trimmer (rechargeable, electric or petrol) this should be your choice all the way. At a push you could get a way with manual trimmer but it could be slow, hard work.

Tall hedges - Manual trimmers won't do the trick this time. You'll need to opt for rechargeable, electric or petrol powered trimmer otherwise this will be some chore to do. Save money today on such products.

Step 4. Get trimming (Making sure you follow safety procedures of course!)

Informal hedges - look for aged stems and branches remove these and trim to shape to suited size.

Formal hedges - vertical sides should be cut first. You can use a sweeping up and down motion if you're tasking advantage of a power tool. The top of the hedge should be the last ting you trim. Likely need to cut two or three times in a year.

Lawnmower Buying Guide

Quick Tips

  1. Make sure you purchase a mower to fit your own purposes. Self-propelled petrol lawnmowers look great but can be more expensive than other models so you could end up spending more than it necessary.View our guide below for more information on picking out which lawnmower makes most sense for your garden. Once you know, search our discounted products above and snap up a bargain!
  2. Often overlooked is the size of the collection box; the larger the box the less often you'll be emptying it out.
  3. Looking for a lawn with a bit more zing to it? A rear-roller could be what you seek as it'll provide a striking striping effect look due to it flattening in one direction as the mower cuts.

At HomeVoucherCodes we like to find you great lawnmower deals so you can spend time enjoying your garden and not searching for hours trying to locate and compare prices. We've done that for you! You'll find on this lawnmower deals page that we've assembled an awesome range of the top selling lawnmowers which are easy to use and have various price points. On the off chance that you haven't updated your lawnmower for some time, you may find yourself stunned at the difference new Bosch lawnmowers can have or other brands like Flymo lawnmowers, reducing the energy needed to maintain your garden and have it looking brilliant.

For larger gardens and those with separate lawn areas, petrol lawn mowers are ideal as they don't require a long cable connecting them to a power source making them easier to maneuver. If your property utilises decking or paving, you might find it easier to take advantage of one of the fantastic offers on grass trimmers available now to get to all of those hard to reach places. By combining a few different garden power tools in this way, you can ensure that your lawn and the rest of your garden stays looking great throughout the year, no matter what the weather or the elements throw at it.

Gardens can vary in size, so for the larger or isolated lawns petrol lawn mowers can be perfect as they don't need a long wires connecting to a power source, giving greater freedom of movement.If your garden isn't quite like this you you may discover it simpler to put resources a cheap and cheerful grass trimmers to get to those difficult to achieve places in your decking or paving areas. If your garden is a smaller enclosure snap up an electric lawn mower deal, there are a number of proficient electric lawn mowers available enabling you to go from untamed grass into a delightful picturesque garden.

Utilising a combination of garden power tools, you know you've done your bit to keep your garden and lawn looking amazing, even if the weather seems insistent on trying to foil all your best laid plans. With the right tools purchased with one or many well placed discount code, you can combat all the elements no matter what the month.

There are a few sorts of lawnmower to consider:

Cylinder lawnmowers
Lawn mowers of the cylinder variety are perfect for sculpting gardens due to their blade design at the front of the mower, with various cutting widths available. Different type of cylinder mowers can vary in price so make sure to compare prices on electric, petrol-powered and hand-pushed mowers. It is worth thinking about time with a cylinder mower as it is to be expected that you will have to more the lawn often to keep it at the perfect length you desire. Rotary lawnmowers

Rotary lawnmowers
Designed with versatility in mind, these mowers are great if you have an uneven garden. Snap up a bargain from our lawn mower deals and take advantage of the horizontal cutting motion of an electric or petrol-driven rotary mower. If you're unsure what mower to go for this could be the type of mower for you; ideal for a conventional family lawn capable of grass of some length meaning you don't need to do it as often. Save time and money using our excellent promo codes.

Hover lawnmowers
Snazzy and savvy shoppers may be drawn to this type of mower, as it floats above the garden. This isn't some optical illusion but the result of great engineering meaning that a cushion of air makes moving the mower almost effortless. Recommended for shoppers whose gardens are especially curvy of have numerous flowers features and borders..

Cordless lawnmowers
Initially cordless lawnmowers weren't the most well used due to time limitations but this has come a long way since their initial release into the garden market. You can make great savings now on the lithium ion batteries and cordless lawnmower if you take advantage of the discount deals found here at HomeVoucherCodes. If you're looking for a little more power, a petrol lawnmower would be the way to go as they make light(er) work of moving if the garden is particularity large.


If your garden is under 100 sq m then a petrol motor would have more power than you need. Save money instead and go for an electric lawnmower; considerably cheaper, lightweight and due to the size probably easier to store so it'd be a better deal all round.

If your garden is between 100-250 sq m then it becomes more about personal preference. Electric mowers are easy to use but with a battery powered mower you don't have any wires, so they can be preferable depending on the price point. Petrol mowers due to the power means you can get through alot of lawn quickly. It's a good idea to use our compare price feature once you find your mower, so you get the a great deal at a price you're happy with.

Gardens over 250 sq m should really be going for petrol powered mowers, although a cordless battery could do the job too. Petrol powered they'll be more variety as self-propelled mowers are available now to make cutting your lawn even easier. You'll handle break a sweat and with out great deals you'll not need to sweat over the price either. Make sure you save money today!

BBQ Buying Guide

Quick Tips

When you have finished using your gas barbecue (with lid) - close the lid and turn the heat onto full and leave it for 10 minutes - this will burn away any residual food. Rub with the barbecue brush, and your grill will be ready to use for the next barbecue!

Use a barbecue cover when storing your barbecue. The cover will protect the grill and prevent damage caused by cold or damp conditions.

There has never been such a great variety of barbecues to choose from - find your ideal barbecue from our extensive range of large and small gas or barbecue grills, bright summer colours or super cool black models. Whatever you're looking for, Homevouchercodes is sure to have a voucher or deal for you!

Before you buy, consider these key points:

  • How many people will you be cooking for? Consider the correct grill size for your needs.
  • How often you will be using your barbecue? It's definitely worth investing in a superior model if you like to barbecue on a regular basis.
  • Does the traditional option of cooking over charcoal appeal, or do you prefer the convenience of gas?
  • Make sure that you buy all the essentials to go with your new barbecue - such as cover. This will protect your barbecue from the elements, ensuring it lasts longer.
  • Can you save money using a discount code or promotional deal for your selected BBQ?

Choosing a charcoal or gas barbecue

Charcoal BBQ:

  • Provides a traditional method of cooking. Lumpwood charcoal or charcoal briquettes are heated to produce an even cooking temperature, giving food a distinctive flame grilled appearance.
  • Easy to light, charcoal needs to be lit at least 40 minutes before you intend to cook to ensure a high cooking temperature. To adjust the heat, simply raise or lower the grill.
  • Kettle barbecues feature a lid, allowing you to braise or roast food, good for cooking meats such as chicken and beef. For flexibility, look for lids that can also be used as windshields.
  • Storage features such as side hooks for barbecue tools and shelves or side tables for holding sauces and condiments make entertaining much easier.
  • Portable models can be taken anywhere - giving you the freedom to barbecue on the beach or when camping. Look for handy carry handles.
  • Ash will need to be removed after cooking. For ease of use, look for models featuring a one-touch cleaning system and removable ash catcher.

Gas BBQ:

  • Offering instant heat at the push of a button, gas BBQ are often recommended as they use gas light cylinders to provide instant heat for cooking outdoors. Most BBQ's include the propane regulator and hose.
  • Heat output is measured in Kilowatts (kW), ranging from 8.2 - 15.5 kW, with larger grill sizes generally requiring a higher number of kWs. Look for models with flexible heat controls that allow you to adjust heat output to suit your cooking needs.
  • Start to cook almost immediately with easy light, push-button ignition.
  • Gas barbecues feature a number of gas burners - the more burners, the more heat and the more options you will have for controlling heat and cooking different types of food.
  • Consider a gas barbecue grill with a side burner or warming racks as this provide additional cooking areas, to cook and warm food, allowing you to cook a range of different foods simultaneously.
  • Drip trays below the cooking grate will collect drips of fat from food, and prevent flare-ups.
  • Quick cooking times make gas barbecues perfect for entertaining large groups.
  • With no ash to remove after cooking, cleaning is quick and easy - simply wipe with a damp soapy cloth or for even easier cleaning look for models featuring a 'one-touch' cleaning system.

Cooking area and grill features

When choosing your barbecue, it is the size of the grill that will determine how many people you can cook for at one time. We have introduced a simple rating system to show how many people you can comfortably cook for at once.

Barbecue Size Number of Portions (People)
Small 1 - 2
Medium 2 - 4
Large 4 - 8
X-Large 8 Plus

The numbers above are based on cooking a variety of meats and vegetables.

Grill features to look for:

  • A cast iron grill will hold heat well, while stainless steel grills offer durability and are easy to clean.
  • Porcelain enamel finishes will transfer heat more efficiently and prevent weathering and rust.
  • Removable ash collectors make it easier and cleaner to empty charcoal barbecues.
  • Heat distribution plates look to evenly spread heat, allowing for more even cooking of the food.

Useful cooking accessories

For the best possible results, use the right tools for the job.

Cooking tool set

Long-handled tongs are ideal for lifting food on and away from the grill. Complete tools sets including tongs, skewers, spatula and grill brush are available in handy storage cases.

Digital temperature thermometer

Ensure meat is cooked to perfection with an instant reading of the internal food temperature.

Barbecue cleaning brush

Features brass bristles that won't rust or scratch the grill.

Vegetable shaker

Get that roasted vegetable taste by using Homebase's high quality vegetable shaker - it even has easy lift handles, just remember to use mitts!

Kebab turner

6 metal skewers with a holder to keep food off of the grill - making it easy to turn for that perfectly cooked taste!