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As well as saving you money the right furniture deal can save you space in your home. A redesign or shuffling existing items you may find that by purchasing a new chest of drawers or sliding wardrobe that a room loos tidier and more 'together'. This is especially true of bedrooms which can become messy very quickly and one of the common causes is a lack of storage space. Don't settle for what you've got; you've voucher codes or take advantage of sale items to make your bedroom truly your own filled with finesse and charm. Oak chest of drawers could really be yours at a bargain price!

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Fitted Bedroom Buying Guide

Quick Tip

Graph paper can come in handy during the planning process for a fitted bedroom.

Measure your bedroom, then choose frame, end & infill panels

How do I do this?

Step One: Once you've measured up your bedroom (hint, use graph paper) it's time to choose the frame, end & infill panels but check and see which have discount codes active today, so you don't pay more than you have to. Universal wardrobe frames, which are commonly supplied in maple (desk/dressing table available in oak or walnut) will be a good choice. In order to complete your design you need to add doors and drawers (step two), and cornice and plinth (step three) to create your own finish. Wardrobes usually come with an internal shelf and rail as standard; and are supplied with a wall fixing bracket.

You may want to add a few carcasses together to bridge the gap between two wardrobes either over your bed. To complete your bridging unit you will need: cornice and Décor end panels,doors, and handles.

It's prudent to include two Décor end panels in a finish of your choice to give extra stability. Infill panels can be used to close up gaps around your furniture and offer a fully fitted finish to your bedroom.

For bridging units, you will need to order enough Décor end panels to attach to the bottom of your bridging unit carcass. This will be to colour match the base of you unit to their doors and your fitted bedroom.

Drawer sets, end and infill panels normally come in one of five finishes which are shown below.
Fitted Bedroom drawer sets and infills complete with color choices

Please remember the following:

  • Minimum ceiling height required to enable placing an assembled wardrobe vertically upright is 2.3m.
  • For the combi converters the wardrobe frame/carcass needs to be ordered separately.
  • Drawer sets need metal feet (square or round) or a plinth set.
  • We strongly advise that Bridging units are fitted by a professional installer although all fittings and hardware to complete the job yourself are contained within the unit.

Door and Door Packs

How do I choose?

Step Two: Choose your wardrobe door fronts from our range promotional codes. All drawers and doors are usually pre-drilled to accept handles, however these may need to be ordered separately.

Wardrobe and Bridging Unit

What are the plinth & cornice requirements

Step Three: Finalise wardrobe plinth and cornice requirements. All wardrobes require plinth and cornice. These are supplied in approximately 3m lengths which will need to be cut to size. Plinth are required just to cover the front of wardrobes, however cornice are required to cover the front and sides of the unit. Please see the diagram below for reference.
Wardrobe and chest of drawer cornice, feet and plinth locations

Bridging units require a cornice to match the finish of your wardrobes. Plinths can be used underneath the bridging units however this is decorative only and is not a structural requirement. Try and purchase using discounts codes to save money.

Drawers do not require cornice but will require either plinth or feet. Plinth for drawers are pre-cut to size so you do not need to measure or cut these yourself. Alternatively you can choose feet to complete your drawers.

Choose your handles to complete your bedroom and achieve a fully fitted look. All drawers and doors are usually pre-drilled to accept handles. All handles normally come with their own screws.

Please remember the following:

  • Contemporary cornice are easier to cut, mitre and fix when assembling yourself.
  • Traditional cornice need an electric mitre or mitre block to be cut by yourself.
  • Feet can not be used for wardrobes.
  • Round feet ONLY have a height adjustable feature and can be used on uneven flooring.
  • Wardrobes require plinth and cornice.
  • Drawers require plinth or feet.

Finishing Touches

Should I accessorise?

Choose from our range of promotional codes for accessories to compliment your fitted bedroom units and make your space unique to you.

Bed & Mattress Buying Guide

Quick Tip

The use of pattern on an accent cushion is a great way to add texture to a bedroom. Use it to liven up a neutral setting or mix with vibrant soft furnishings and accessories for a really eye-catching look, saving money with promotional codes in the process.

Bed Sizing

What sizes are there?

It'd be a frustrating experience to seek out a great bed discount code only to realise the size is completely wrong. Measure up before you buy and remember to measure doorways and access areas. Standard bed sizes:

  • Single Single: 3ft (w) x 6ft 3ins (l) Imperial or 90cm (w) x 190cm (l) Metric
  • Double: 4ft 6ins (w) x 6ft 3ins (l) Imperial or 135cm (w) x 190cm (l) Metric
  • King size: 5ft (w) x 6ft 6ins (l) Imperial or 150cm (w) x 200cm (l) Metric
  • Super king size: 6ft (w) x 6ft 6ins (l) Imperial or 180cm (w) x 200cm (l) Metric


What types are there?

There are two main types of divan base:

  • Platform top divan bases have a rigid fixed top for a firmer feel
  • Sprung edge divan bases are sprung across the top, making your bed feel bouncier and more luxurious
Divans are sold with a choice of mattress options, from medium to firm, allowing you to choose individual comfort needs and giving a choice on which promo code to use. Most divans do not include headboards giving you the flexibility to choose your own look.


Which option is right for me?

Headboards will give the finishing touch to your bedroom scheme, they are easy to slot into place and come in a range of colours and finishes including faux-suede, faux-leather, wood, metal and chrome. Look for promotional codes covering added details such as built-in or clip-on side tables and lockers, and attached lights for reading.


Wood, metal, leather or fabric?

Available in wood, metal, leather or fabric covered designs, bedsteads feature a slatted wooden base to accommodate the mattress of your choice. Bedframes are normally purchased separately although bundled vouchercodes can be sought out to save money by purchasing the frame and mattress together as a package. Slatted bases are a great way to ventilate your mattress while still offering firm support. If you need to use the area under your bed for storage, check the height of the frame from the floor, and consider extra storage options such as under-bed sliding drawers. Bedsteads are generally flat-packed for simple self assembly, making them easy to manoeuvre in your home.

Electrical adjustable beds

Why would I spend money on this?

Adjustable beds are a luxurious option, giving you control of your sleeping, or resting position at the touch of a button. Luxurious need not mean sky high prices though; check out available discount codes to see if a saving can be had on electrical adjustable beds. Benefits of such beds include using an easy to reach hand-held control panel, each section can be positioned independently, allowing you to find your perfect position for sleeping, reading, watching television or simply relaxing. Ideal for anyone with a medical condition that makes sleeping difficult or for those with limited mobility who may find it difficult getting in and out of bed. Commonly available in single, double, divan or bedstead options. For safety, look for a splash-proof motor and end clops to ensure the mattress stays in position when the bed head is raised.

Bunk Beds and High Sleepers

Could the bunk bed be split if needed?

Lots of fun for children and ideal for small rooms, bunk beds and highsleepers make the most of available floor space while creating extra sleeping options in a child's bedroom. Standard bunk beds feature two single-size bed areas, while Triple bunk beds consist of a double size lower bunk area with a single size bunk above - perfect for sleepovers and even better if bought using vouchers! For flexibility, consider bunk beds that can be split into two single beds. Left or right option ladder fixings allow greater freedom when positioning your bunk bed. High sleepers double up the bed space with combinations of seating areas giving flexibility of choice.