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Voucher and Deal Probability - April 2019

Whether you're undertaking a full bathroom revamp or simply updating one or more choice items here at HomeVoucherCodes we're sure to have the bathroom deal for you. With such a great range of price drops there will be something to suit your style whether you're fully fledged contemporary or prefer the more traditional look perhaps with a modern shape up. As well as internal fittings such as towel rails, taps and mirrored bathroom cabinets we provide deals on bathroom accessories. This covers "loose" bathroom products such as hair straighteners and extensions as well as grooming products. You can look good whilst looking not further for a bargain discount deal!

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Bathroom Buying Guide

Choosing a Bathroom Style

Can I get a high quality bathroom for discount prices?

Planning your bathroom involves thinking about how to best utilise the space available, while ensuring your overall design scheme looks good and meets your practical day-to-day needs. The voucher codes on offer above should help you pay less for products that suit your needs.

I've found a Bathroom deal!

Does it matter about the space?

The first step before making use of any deal is to find out how much space you actually have - using graph paper, draw a plan of your existing bathroom, including doors, windows and radiators and then mark the existing plumbing and electrics, including the layout of water pipes, sewage outlets, ventilation ducts and light switches.Next, decide whether the fixtures you would like will fit comfortably into the plan, choose discount codes and away you go! Here are some points to consider when deciding on your plan.

  • Will re-hanging your bathroom door save you space? This is relatively easy to do with the option of the door opening left, right or outwards.
  • Aim to allow a gap of 80cm (32ins) in front of a basin to allow enough space to bend over without banging your head and 15cm (6in) either side for elbow room.
  • Ensure there is room to step in and out of a bath and if you are planning to fit a shower make sure there is enough room to stand comfortably.
  • Shower enclosures will require space of 70cm for easy door opening, otherwise sliding or folding doors are an option.
If you cannot fit in all the units you want, or if the room looks cramped, ask yourself if you can rearrange the fixtures, or re-locate fixtures to another room? While it is cheaper, (and less hassle!) to use the existing plumbing, it is not too difficult to re-arrange pipes if they are staying within the same area - if possible, consider extending your bathroom, or adding an en-suite to an adjoining bedroom. While this may take a bit more work, and increase your budget, it's worth remembering that well designed bathrooms often add much more than the initial outlay to the value of your home, and so may be cost-effective in the long run especially if you use promotional codes along the way. Before implementing your plans, seek advice from a professional plumber.

I know my bathroom size, time to use that discount code!

Do I need to think about storage space?

Think about how many people will be using the bathroom, and how much storage you are likely to need for toiletries, towels, and cleaning products. Consider wall cabinets and ladder shelving to make the most of wall space and utilize any available floor space with a laundry basket or free-standing shelving unit. Don't forget about towel rails and hooks for bath robes. If you have the space, it's worth considering pairing your chosen bath suite with complementary bathroom furniture.Find a bathroom code and select versatile furniture which will give you a fully-fitted look, and offer masses of storage space. Choose from a range of tall cabinets, single and double drawer units, open shelf storage and mirrored or plain wall units in a choice of modern wood finishes.

Bathroom Lighting

Which is right for me?

Lighting can be used to create mood in a bathroom, changing from light and bright in the morning to softly lit and relaxing in the evening. Consider how the light from the window will affect the whole lighting scheme, and think of ways to vary your lighting scheme whilst keep costs low using vouchers. Will you need concentrated light for areas used for shaving or applying make-up and think about how light will reflect on your chosen wall and floor finishes. Popular choices for bathroom lighting include:

  • Spotlights - either surface mounted or recessed and fitted into a wall, ceiling or floor, spotlights can provide, bright directional lighting where it is needed most.
  • Wall or mirror lights - a good choice for bathrooms as the light bulb is concealed behind a shade or mirror - a great way to add atmosphere to a scheme.
  • Candlelight - perfect for creating a relaxing mood and enjoying a long soak in the bathroom. Remember never to leave candles unattended.

The Finishing Touches

Choosing flooring and wall finishes

The look of your bathroom can be greatly enhanced by a great colour-scheme and there are a number of floor and wall finishes specially designed for bathroom use that will enhance your overall scheme, as well as giving you much needed functionality. Here are some points to consider:
Flooring - Look for flooring that is safe, slip-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. Popular choices for bathrooms include natural stone, ceramic tiles, lino and specially treated wood and laminate.

Tiles, wallpaper and paint - Ceramic tiles are perfect for use in the bathroom, and should be used in areas where water may splash the walls to prevent water damage. Choose from gloss, matt, glass and metal finishes, available in almost every colour imaginable with discount codes to help you on your way! Mosaic tiles look great in a bathroom and are available in sheet s for easy positioning. Mirror tiles work well in modern schemes and help to increase the size of smaller rooms. If using wallpaper, choose vinyl or wipe clean options as these will cope best with moisture. Choose a paint specially formulated for bathroom use, and only use in areas not exposed to water splashes. This type of paint is moisture-resistant and easy to clean, however nothing will protect your walls as well as tiling!

Bathroom safety

Can I do this all myself?

Before carrying out any electrical, plumbing or maintenance work in the bathroom, please check with your local authority about rules and regulations relevant to bathrooms and WCs in the UK.

Bathroom Essentials Buying Guide

Quick Tip

Many light fittings come fitted with bulbs and replacements for every type of fitting, so don't buy these before you've purchased the fittings first.

Bathroom Lighting

What are the three main types?

Good lighting will complete and complement the look of your bathroom. It comes in three main types:

  • Ambient - This type of lighting is used in combination with natural daylight.
  • Task - If you have a function in mind for the lighting, such as using tweezers.
  • Accent - For areas of interest this type of light accentuates a feature.

Ceiling Lights

A central ceiling fixture will provide good levels of ambient light, so if this is what you want check out our discount codes. Bathroom light fittings must be well out of reach and shielded, so close-mounted ceiling lights which are enclosed or flush are used instead of pendant fittings and light switches must be out of the reach of anyone using a bath or shower. Flush light fittings are available in a range of traditional or modern designs in clear or frosted glass with chrome, brushed chrome and antique-effect trims.

Recessed Lights/Down Lights

Generally unobtrusive, recessed halogen lighting, providing high levels of illumination, is an affordable and popular option. Special bathroom down lights are available for use over showers and baths. They are sealed and can withstand condensation although ordinary downlights can be used in appropriate areas of a bathroom.
Down lights come in white, polished chrome, brushed chrome and brass finishes and are generally available in packs of 3 or 5. Eyeball and tilting styles allow the light to be directed where it is most needed and are slightly more expensive than true down lights which are fixed in a downward position. There are two types of down lights, those that can be wired straight into the mains and those that require transformers. If this sounds good to you, see if we have a promotional code for recessed lights/down lights today.

Wall Lights

A versatile lighting option which you can use vouchers for, wall lights with shades or covers provide soft atmospheric light and add variety to a lighting scheme. Use in addition to a central ceiling light or downlights, to create a mellow atmosphere. Wall lights are attractive fittings in their own right and can be used for decorative effect in alcoves or on either side of a mirror or above a bath. Wall lights can be wired into the mains so that they come on when the main light switch is pulled or wired independently and switched on via an individual pull cord.


Ideal for task and accent lighting and cheaper if you use vouchercodes. Bars featuring a pair of spotlights have the advantage of using a single fitting to hold a number of light sources and provide useful task lighting when fitted over a mirror.

Over Mirror Lights

This type of light fitting incorporates a shaver socket in one end and often has a pull cord so that it can be switched on only when required. Long and slim, these lights provide bright task lighting so if you can find a code, snap up a deal today.